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in which fibre was boiling believed that it contained meal*
(Considering that his host had insulted him) the guest, for-
getting the hospitality, resolved to kill him at a suitable place
when the former came to give him a send off. On the way,
however, when the host sought his permission to go home
soon, lest the fibre which was boiling in the pot should be
spoilt, did not the hunter send his host away, having realised
his own mistake ?                                                             (20)
These forest dwellers who are pleased even with that
repast of milk and rice, never act treacherously (towards him
who has fed them). If these unsophisticated men discover
even a very small fault, they become hostile without con-
sidering the nature of the fault.                                          (21)
(A king) acquires mastery over the forest tribes by truth •
the friendship of a hostile king by honouring the envoy ; the
regard of his foot-soldiers by timely payment of salary
and the affection of his troopers by offering service with
rewards.                                                                           (22)
Give the best horses and elephants only to trusted
servants ; it will be to your advantage when the occasion comes.
Keep the horse and elephant stables with care; you should
never entrust their management to your subordinates. (23)
When one (councillor) gives good advice, another
condemns it on account of jealousy. Paying due regard to
the character of both (the councillors), you must not contradict
either of them (during the sitting of the council); but when
the cotmcil is dissolved, if you follow the good advice, it is
advantageous to you.                                                        /24)
The bad or faithless ministers take advantage of the
hostility of the neighbouring states and encourage the free-
booters in the country. When the king is caught iii difficulties,
they do not discharge their duties promptly 5 but having
•Hie boiling fibr* of til* Sri tree is said to emit a flavour like tfeat of mutton,
,4—                                                                                                                                  .             J^